“What is better than preparing for brilliant repertoire, playing with like-minded musicians, being coached by excellent coaches in an idyllic setting? I had such a wonderful time learning the music, learning from other musicians, and taking notes from our coach. Opus 29 offers an amazing opportunity to get in touch with nature, art, music, and human interactions. I treasure my experience there.” - Charles (violinist)



We are a desert oasis for small, nurturing chamber music retreats. Nestled amongst mature trees on five acres which expands south into the Joshua Tree National Park, you will find this to be a perfect place to follow your chamber music passion. We hope to invite you into our story. Season Three will run from September 2019 to June 2020. Come and share the lovely acoustics in the music studio and nourish your musical senses, while growing with excellent mentors at your side, paving the way to a true musical awakening.




We are here to inspire personal growth in your musical journeys. The emphasis will be on individual attention, self improvement as a musician and an ensemble player. The workshops will be friendly and supportive, but with enough challenges to keep you on your toes. Improving ensemble skills will be an important part of the workshop, and there will be an imparting of how to communicate constructively to each other, while putting together a chamber work.

You will also be concentrating on how to share musical opinions with respect for each other, amongst other things, like how to cue in tempo, and how to listen to each other musically for optimum balance. Most of all we hope you will experience and take home with you a deeper understanding of this wonderful thing we call chamber music. 

Founder & Director - Sharon Morgan Jenkins