“This was my second time at one of Sharon’s workshops.  She does a wonderful job organizing the whole event. The room we play in is delightful:  a largish studio separate from the main house complete with bottle glass windows and music related artwork.  The acoustics are very nice and there is plenty of space for even a sextet to play comfortably. And the coaches I have worked with have been phenomenal. Each time I have come home a better musician due to the teaching skills of these professional musicians.  A teacher myself, I have observed how the coaches tailor their comments to the musical abilities of the participant they are addressing so that everyone there learns something valuable and benefits from the workshop. The other participants have all been good musicians and really fun people to play with.  I am very much looking forward to my next workshop at Opus 29 in just a few months.” Anja Sonderling - (violist)

“Both of the Opus 29 workshops I've attended have been absolutely wonderful weekends full of music-making in a beautiful desert setting. I'm so thankful for these workshops because I've been a musician for most of my life, but as a busy graduate student I don't have many opportunities to play with others. Each workshop is a weekend of rigorous, focused work in a supportive environment in which everyone learns from each other. I know I improve as an individual musician throughout the workshop, and I'm blown away at how much we improve as a group thanks to the guidance of the coaches.”  Kate - (violinist)

“There are many things I like about the Op. 29 workshop. I've now been to 4 of them. First, kudos to Sharon for all her organizational skills, hard work, and always positive welcoming demeanor. The desert studio/home is quite pleasant to play in. Would also recommend doing Joshua Tree National Park if you have time, since your right there. The coaching has been excellent (comparable to the SoCal Workshop at Scripps College Claremont, and with twice as much coaching time per day). There are often informal concerts by both the coaches, and occasionally at the end of the workshop, the participants give a performance for a few of the locals. I also like having a pre-assigned work so I can come as prepared as I can. I like that it's just 2 days (less exhausting than 5+ days straight at other workshops). You can find lodging for $55-100 per night, with lots of hotels and "Airbnb's". I have very much enjoyed the participants as well.”  Jim - (violist)

“Sharon has managed to create, organize and run a wonderful new chamber music workshop. I have attended twice. Opus 29 fills a unique niche for people who may only be able to get away for a weekend, yet want the intensity of a full week, with top-quality coaching. The coaches I had were fantastic, though very different in personality and style. They were friendly, helpful, energetic, & seemed to really enjoy being there. With such superb coaching, I think everyone felt their own musical understanding go up several notches by the end. My recent experience was just fantastic. I met new lovely musicians, with whom I now intend to  play with back home. Opus 29 is an unusual, rustic, strikingly beautiful location for making music with intensity and purpose, with lovely people and inspiring coaches. There was much closeness and camaraderie between the participants and coach. What could be better! “ Margie - (Cellist)